Month: May 2016

SH & Freshies 2016-17 1st Term Class Schedules

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TUPTUSG PET Bottle Election Winner Revealed

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After five (5) days of PET bottle collection, the Technological University of the Philippines – Taguig (TUPT) Campus, through the efforts of its University Student Government (USG), has hinted on its Presidential candidate for the upcoming National Elections.  Read the rest of this entry »

TUPTUSG PET Bottle Election Ends Soon

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With four (4) more days left until the 2016 National Elections, the TUPTUSG PET Bottle Election is about to come to a close, as well.

TUPTians, you have two (2) more days left for your voice to be heard and be part of our campaign towards an eco-friendly TUP Taguig though the proper disposal of PET bottles! Visit TUP Taguig now and don’t miss your chance to cast your PET Bottle votes!

The TUPTUSG PET Bottle Election will end on May 7, 2016, 5:00 PM.


#MyPETBottleIsFor Vice President Binay
#MyPETBottleIsFor Senator Santiago
#MyPETBottleIsFor Mayor Duterte
#MyPETBottleIsFor Senator Poe
#MyPETBottleIsFor Mr. Roxas

TUPTUSG Launches ‘PET Bottle Election’

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9 days before the National Elections, TUPTians now have the chance to voice out their Presidential choice through PET bottles. Simply throw your empty PET bottles into the respective bins of the Presidentiable of your choice.

This TUPTUSG project, in partnership with N2S Trading, is for TUP Taguig students to show their support for their candidates and spread awareness of the upcoming National Elections. At the same time, this is a campaign towards a greener, eco-friendly environment through the proper disposal of PET bottles.

Ikaw? Para kanino ang PET Bottle mo?

#MyPETBottleIsFor #TUPTUSG #N2STrading